Edible Seeds and Kernels Roasting Services

We offer a unique range of services for food industry and ingredient traders.
To be precise, we specialize in Heat Treatment of Edible Seeds & Kernels.
Roasting, Heat Treatment and Sterilization are just some of the things we do.
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Our services bring color, taste, flavour and food safety to edible seeds & kernels.
We focus on quality and uniqueness delivering outstanding solutions to our customers.
New Technology
Brand new technology for gentle continues heat treatment of seeds & kernels in a state of the art food facility.
No Nuts
Torrendum only processes seeds like e.g. sesameseeds or sunflowerkernels. No Nuts, No Coffee - no allergen risks
How It Works
Contact us with details or your product. We advise you for proper heat treatment. If agreed we can plan details.
Unique Process
Indirect heat treatment, continues motion, PC monitoring temperature & residence time. UV Sanitized air for controlled cooling process.
Packing Options
On request we repack your heat treated bulk products in bags (15- 25 kg) or in bulk bags for your further processing.
We're In Europe
We're working for international clients from all over the globe who are supplying to the European food market
Product Highlights
Seed 1
Seed 2
Seed 3
Seed 4
Seed 4
Seed 4
Seed 4
Taste & Food Safety
Get the best taste out of your seeds, and ensure you are getting the best flavor out of them.
For the best taste, store your seeds between 10 and 15 °C.

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